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JNT Plumbers

Our Services

  • At JNT Plumbing we fix drains and installations related to geysers, cooling, water conveyance, and disinfection frameworks in private and business str...
    Plumbing Services
  • At JNT Plumbing we are able to eliminate roots, trash, and other obstructions from all necessary piping. We are able to remove all aggregated build up...
    Drain Unblocking
  • In general, we setup solutions to recycle greywater from your bathroom sink, shower, bath, and washing machine. Greywater may contain hints of dirt, ...
    Grey Water Conversion
  • Unblockings
    At JNT Plumbing we don’t just unblock drain pipes. We unblock anything cause an issue in your household or business. From toilets to showers and basin...
    General Unblocking
  • Do you have water trickling through the roof? Water running over your rooftop? Sounds like you may have a blasted or spilling geyser!
    Geyser Repairs
  • Struggling with blockages underground? Is water bubbling through your garden? Give us a shout so we can assess and unblock any drain pipes causing an ...
    Underground Sewerage
  • Our water reticulation capabilities are suitable for clients working at all levels in the water industry – from the clients who are new to the area or...
    Water Reticulation
  • A burst pipe is a major issue that requires immediate consideration as a burst pipe can weaken or completely cut off the water supply from a house or ...
    Burst pipes
  • Introducing a solar geyser requires proficient and authorized handymen for a solar geyser framework to work effectively. JNT Plumbing’s handymen are a...
    Solar Geysers
  • Our specialised break detection plumbers are readily available to help you fix a burst pipe. We are able to isolate the issue, find the burst pipe and...
    Leak Detection

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